Placemaking with LTA and URA

Stellar Ace is proud to support, as part of the Stellar Lifestyle family, together with the Civic District Alliance, Land Transport Authority (LTA) Singapore and Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore (URA), in enhancing walkability with placemaking and wayfinding information placements at our MRT Stations.  From today, our Out-of-Home “TRAVEL” daily touchpoint media assets at City Hall and Raffles Place MRT stations will … Read more

Transit Link x Mastercard x WINK+

UNLEASH THE GATES! A WINK+ Gates campaign brought to users in collaboration with Transit Link, Mastercard and LTA! With our unique feature of virtual touchpoints or WINK+ Gates, this advanced geofencing capability can trigger well-timed, location-based push notifications that increase consumer engagement, we were able to successfully close the online to offline engagement gap. This … Read more

Roaring Year With Tiger Beer!

The year of the Tiger is everywhere! Thank you Tiger Beer for making Stellar Ace part of your roarsome year as you uncaged with our TRAVEL and SHOP consumer daily touchpoints.This is what a seamless digital Out of Home advertising campaign solution experience is all about. The accentuated pairing of the Tiger with international football icon, Son Heung-Min was creatively … Read more

Ace TV

Ho! Ho! Ho! Tis the season to be jolly!It’s also time to be a Christmas Star! Welcome to Ace TV…  A purely User Generated Content (UGC) DOOH TV channel aimed to engage the mass public with content created by the mass public audience. We want to promote authenticity and consumers are more likely to view … Read more

Immersive Experience @ Fashion Walkway

Studies show experiences make us happier than physical objects. It also shows companies that prioritize experiences over products/features have a 200% greater likelihood of referrals and 25% more customer loyalty. So, no matter what business you’re in, delivering a delightful user experience to your customers might be one of the most important things you do. … Read more

Creative Innovations Beyond Static DIisplay

Thinking out of the box for OOH static display ad? Despite Covid, Out-of-Home Marketing is experiencing a renaissance.A medium that packs a punch for passers-by while also capturing attention from a distance away from the sidewalk, savvy creatives have been perfecting the art of creating innovative, bold OOH for an attention-deficit world. OOH should be … Read more

Project Campus Series

Bridging Young Minds with Consumer Brands! Tertiary students ideate for SG businesses’ integrated marketing campaigns. The future of our industry is in the young minds of tomorrow. The Project Campus Series is Stellar Ace’s belief in developing our industry’s forefront of the future, with the ever-changing creative landscape and the introduction of technology-driven creativity in play. … Read more

Facial Gesture to Vote with Traveloka!

We had to conduct a survey… An interactive digital survey on our out-of-home iView Screens. Sounds easy, right? Here’s the spanner… Enter COVID-19 pandemic and interaction through physical touch became a big no-no.That’s exactly what happened with our client, Traveloka. The brief was to conduct a survey for our commuters to show their likes for each … Read more

Mobile Retargeting Drives Footfall for Mcdonald’s!

Mobile Retargeting is not a new digital marketing capability……But what if you could link up the Offline-To-Online (O2O)?  Stellar Ace has the largest and widest Offline assets which could host a myriad of impactful large format static or digital ad spaces. For that reason, McDonald’s recognised the strong presence of our assets and positioned their … Read more

Media Hub @Orchard – the right medium that drives your advertising message by truly capturing audiences!

The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF), having experienced the impact of their successful campaign on Media Hub @Orchard, is back for a second serving of the stretch of digital screen platform located between Ion Orchard and Wisma Atria. RSAF uses floor stickers to transform the entire walkway into an airplane runway, augmented by a high-resolution … Read more