Creative Innovations Beyond Static DIisplay

Thinking out of the box for OOH static display ad?

Despite Covid, Out-of-Home Marketing is experiencing a renaissance.
A medium that packs a punch for passers-by while also capturing attention from a distance away from the sidewalk, savvy creatives have been perfecting the art of creating innovative, bold OOH for an attention-deficit world.

OOH should be a simple, quick to grasp medium, able to conjure up an instant emotive reaction. If one adds an experimental and interactive element to that, you get some powerful engagement.”

Have you thought about showing your OOH ads differently from the usual 4 sheets poster, wallscapes or even the static display for Platform Screen doors? Ultimately, people want to be entertained. It would also benefit your OOH campaign to incorporate the appropriate tone necessary to elicit a specific response or trigger a reaction.

You may want to develop a series of different OOH messages as part of an overall campaign. This would enable you to incorporate more elements without encumbering the clarity of individual messages. It’s also important to design for an array of canvas sizes and locations. Geofencing key zip codes or trading areas against core audience demographics can help messages target desired consumers.

Research shows that people react to OOH messages and will immediately start an online search when triggered by an OOH ad. Forty-six percent of people search for information after viewing an interesting billboard. With the understanding that 70 percent of decision-making is emotional, every OOH is now a call to action as these campaigns often spark social conversations, especially online.

OOH messaging builds substantial brand awareness over time as refreshing ad creative improves overall ad retention.

Let’s take a look at some of the creative solutions we have delivered for our clients below:

Lenticular on PSD – Click visual for video

Cut out display for 4-sheet posters

Light animation with a combination of glossy print on matt stickers – Click visual for video

3D landscape with neon lights

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