Mobile Retargeting Drives Footfall for Mcdonald’s!

Mobile Retargeting is not a new digital marketing capability…
…But what if you could link up the Offline-To-Online (O2O)? 

Stellar Ace has the largest and widest Offline assets which could host a myriad of impactful large format static or digital ad spaces.

For that reason, McDonald’s recognised the strong presence of our assets and positioned their brand ads strategically at locations close to their restaurants to imprint awareness and impulse visitations to contribute to their footfalls.

But we didn’t stop there. It’s time we shared our O2O solution in assuring a targeted and measurable reach audience in bridging the consumer engagement gap.

Stellar Ace and our partner Near, the largest source of intelligence on people and places, provided McDonald’s with the solution which they couldn’t say no to.

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With the aim to reach audiences, increase traffic and overall footfall, the collaboration brought together the strengths of Stellar Ace’s Out-Of-Home (OOH) media assets paired with Near’s mobile retargeting technology, we were able reach audiences in Singapore at different touchpoints. 

This approach provided an end-to-end media solution for our clients – from our OOH assets as exposure, to Near’s amplified messages via mobile advertising through geotargeting. Enhancing the brand recall of the OOH advertisement as the audience has already been exposed to the ad on their mobile screen. Hence, this campaign method elevated the “stickiness” of the brand across the different platforms and reinforcing our client’s brand top of mind recall.

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