Transit Link x Mastercard x WINK+


A WINK+ Gates campaign brought to users in collaboration with Transit Link, Mastercard and LTA!

With our unique feature of virtual touchpoints or WINK+ Gates, this advanced geofencing capability can trigger well-timed, location-based push notifications that increase consumer engagement, we were able to successfully close the online to offline engagement gap.

This latest campaign will feature over 500 gates for commuters to get rewarded with WINK+ points. To prequalify, each player must also download Transitlink Simply Go App and enable their default credit card payment mode.

If they choose Mastercard, users have additional exclusive access to more gates with event higher rewards.

Here’s HOW YOU CAN PLAY and join in this adventure.

  • Head over to the App Store / Play Store to download the Simply Go App
  • Register your Card on the Simply Go app to receive your special code
  • Retrieve your code from your email and enter it on WINK+ App to reveal the WINK+ Gates locations

What’s special about this campaign, is that it’s tied in with the opportunity for you to give back to the community through point conversion into real monetary value for you to donate to the ST School Pocket Money Fund, exchange for travel rebates or purchase from our WINK+ Merchants.

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